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Needs Assessment

Starting from Scratch

  • Do I really need to be marketing online?

    Having a professional web presence and social media presence is a "must have" for any successful business these days.  They can be a very effective marketing tools and an initial resource that sets the tone for your business but only if its created and maintained well. Websites and social media can also be harmful or detrimental to a business. Both can increase attention and exposure, drive traffic to a business and increase revenue. Do you ever read or write online reviews? Bad marketing can also bring bad publicity and drive future customers away.
  • Trends in digital marketing are constantly changing as fast as today's technology and just keeping up can add more challenges to the day to day management of a successful business. 
  • "Websites and social media are the modern day business card and a must have for any successful business."

    Websites must also be designed or redesigned to be helpful, resourceful and inviting to capture attention.  With the advancement of communication devices and technology, sites must now be mobile compliant since more and more hand held devices are being used for web searches and access.

  • Your Customer Service Begins Online

    Your customer service begins online even before a customer makes contact with you. Businesses need to understand their target market and provide information that their future customers are seeking.  If they can't find the information they seek, they will leave and look elsewhere.  It is imperative you understand the process. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • How well do you showcase your products or services? 
    How well do you explain your methods and costs? 
    How quick do you respond with questions and provide services or ship goods? 
    How well does your online customer service and your day to day customer service correlate with your overall business models and goals.

  • What type of social media should I consider?
    Promoting a business only through social media can be done but consider:
  • What is your ultimate purpose for social media?
    Who is your target audience(s)?
    Where do they frequent? 
    Which platform would you gain the most exposure?
    How much time do you have to devote to the management of your social media accounts?
    What technology will you be using for management?   Computer? Cellphone?

If you Are already Marketing

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know where or how to begin marketing yourself or business online?
  • Are your marketing efforts current and relevant to your target market or intended audience?
  • Are your current marketing efforts reflecting you or your business to their maximum potential?
  • Are your marketing efforts creating new growth, increased business, or exposure?
  • Is your day to day customer service backing up your online marketing claims?
  • Are you getting a lot of negative reviews about your business and don't know why?
  • Do you have or take the time to market along with your daily responsibilities?
  • Do you have the "know-how" and understanding to effectively manage long term?

Next Steps

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