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RC Web Works is experienced in digital marketing management and works remotely from Newton Kansas near Wichita Kansas.  We can meet in person within a hundred mile radius or help anyone anywhere online.  To save on costs, we can usually do most of our initial work online, but do offer face to face and short term onsite options once the initial critique and consultation are completed.
specifics. RCWW doesn't believe in mass producing cookie cutter websites.  We take the time to talk with you and learn about your business.


This was probably your first question.  Right?

A deposit is required BEFORE any work
Our hourly rates are negotiable depending on the complexity of the project. The rate is based on the following:  Scope and complexity of project, familiarity with the web hosting platform, web content, time frame and completion date.  A negotiated deposit is required to begin a project.

$Affordable Examples
new site can be initiated together with a year of web hosting and URL registration for $30-$100 depending on chosen hosting site and length of contract. Initial costs decrease for longer contracts.

The cost to build the site will depend on complexity of the website, submitted web content, and time spent.  Hourly rates are negotiable starting at $25.00 or higher based on complexity of the project.

An existing site can be redesigned starting at $100.00 depending on complexity of the redesign, amount of changes and time spent.

All projects start with a free critique and a follow up consultation.  If you choose not to take our advice and to manage your own beyond the consultation then there is a cost of $60 for time and recommendations.  This is due at the end of the consultation or within 10 days. 

Managing beyond the site launch

If you choose to hire RCWW then the consultation is free and a hourly rate will be negotiated and a contract and first invoice will be drawn up at that time.  All clients will receive sixty days of complementary shared web management after the project is completed to ensure your satisfaction.  We offer this to ensure our clients are happy with their website.  We then offer management options beyond the sixty days:

  1. Shared management with you.($150 per year for an hour a month) recommended for those that still want to help manage their own site.
  2. Complete management for your site($400 per year or higher dependent on the complexity of the project) recommended for those that would rather have a professional manage their site. 
  3. On your own.

Hosting and URLS

I prefer that site owners set up and pay for their own hosting site and URL to retain their own administrative rights. You will need then need to share your ID and PW information with us.
Your information is kept secure in a project file but we recommend you write down and keep your initial information as well.  Sadly, some web companies have been known to hold your rights or website hostage if you end your working relationship. With RC Web Works, you will always retain your rights and your site upon final notification.  Costs for these items can vary depending on the length of your contract and what services you purchase.  We do recommend you buy a medium or premium package.  Don't worry if you don't know where to start by choosing and signing up with a hosting site and getting a URL, we can help with that too.

Lets Get Started...

Initial Critique (Step 1 for all projects)

Start by sending an email and provide links to your current website(s) and online content along with your contact information.  We will take a look and be in contact to set up a consultation with you either face to face,on the phone, or online.

Consultation (Step 2 for all projects)

This service would be completed for all new clients.  Can review and provide recommendations on ways to update and maximize your current site. These can be done online or in person if local. 
Cost:  First 1 hour consultation is free to those that choose to contract with us.  $60 fee for those that choose to take our advice and do their own.  Fee is payable at time of critique or within 10 days.

Content or Website Makeover
Can help you improve your existing website or written content.  Will work with you to personalize and update your site to reflect your businesses vision.  This will be completed after the initial critique and consultation with a contract for service. 
Cost: Agreed hourly rate negotiated from an initial quote and after initial critique and consultation. A formal written contract will be generated and the negotiated deposit is required to begin the project.

Creative Marketing Brian Storm Session

Can collaborate and brainstorm with you to help create a dynamic marketing strategy to improve your overall Marketing.
Cost: First consult is free to those that choose to contract with us.  $60 for those that choose to take our advice and do their own. Fee is payable at time of meeting.

Custom Web Development & Creation
Can help you build a new personalized website that represents you and your business.  
Cost: A new basic business site can be set up for web hosting and URL for the first year depending on chosen hosting site and complexity of website.

Customer Service
Can help improve your customer service from web to onsite businesses by randomly trialing and testing current practices.
Cost: Dependent on scope of project and frequency.

Site Management
Once your site is live, can help you maintain your web presence by managing your site for you when you have updates.
Cost: Dependent on scope of project and number of updates.

E-Commerce & Online Payments
Can help establish E commerce for your products and services and develop online payment options for your business.
Cost:  Dependent on scope of project and software used.

Social Media Integration & Management
Can recommend, explain and implement various social media platforms to boost your digital marketing along with your website to reach more clients and customers.    Can also manage your social media presence by maintaining your social media account on your behalf. 
Cost: Dependent on how many platforms and number of postings.

Search Engine Optimization

Can help improve your search engine rankings.
Cost: Dependent on the number of pages and accessibility.

Photoshop Creation
Can help by altering images, creating web images for use on your website including buttons and web banners.
Cost: Dependent on time spent and scope of project

Digitizing Forms & Content

Can help transform your business documents and forms to online workable documents or enhance written content for improved efficiency. 
Cost: Dependent on scope of project at hourly rate

Onsite Meeting or Onsite Management

Onsite meetings or short term onsite management is an optional negotiable service for locations who would rather meet in person or face to face which are further than a hundred miles from our office.  To keep costs down the initial critique and consultation would be completed online before adding any travel expenses. Locations that would require air travel or overnight stays would need to be booked and paid for in advance.
Costs:  Travel costs and negotiated hourly rate. Travel costs would need to be paid in advance.  Hourly rates can be billed and payable within 15 days.

Payment for Servicesl

An invoice will be generated and emailed to you.  You may pay with a Credit Card through the Stripe System.

Lets get busy!